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Electrolux is a brand name with a venerable history. When an adult granddaughter claims her grandmother has had her Electrolux vacuum cleaner for over 30 years and it is still going strong -- consumers listen! When another owner celebrated the death of her 20 year old Electrolux vacuum cleaner by immediately buying another Electrolux to replace it, you know that if all products were made so robustly, Ralph Nader would have never needed to start the consumer report movement.

With a History like That Who Would Not Want to Buy This Superior Vacuum Cleaner

But unlike the famous statement of Gertrude stein that a rose is a rose is arose, an Electrolux vacuum cleaner is not necessarily an Electrolux vacuum cleaner. While the name of the Swedish white goods maker has changed over its 90 plus year life, the worldwide Electrolux brand has been the cherished trademark of Swedish Company AB Electrolux -- worldwide except for the United States and Canada. This isn't the result of some sort of ploy. It could seem like it, though, and seem like you need James Bond-type skills to discover who the players are, and what happened to grandma’s Electrolux.

When your machines get the rave reviews mentioned earlier, owning that trademark in the U.S. and Canada only makes sense. Actually, $50 Million worth of sense, as that is how much Swedish AB Electrolux paid Dallas-based Electrolux LLC for the trademark in 2001.

 Oh, and changing their name to Aerus. Aerus owned the rights to the trademark used for Electrolux vacuum cleaners in the U.S. and Canada for 80 years. In order to allow Aerus time to change, the trademark change did not go fully into effect until 2004.

The Canister Vacuum Style Is Still Available on the New Aerus Website

The Electrolux vacuum cleaner most Americans are acquainted with, then, are the unique tank vacuum cleaners, a style which, though unique, now commonly considered to be the canister style vacuum cleaner. You can find a picture of them at the Aerus website. This original style is still sold on the site as the Lux Classic, and was called Electrolux UltraLux 2000 at one point. When looking for filters and bags, these cleaners are often referred to as style C.

One of the traditions of the American Electrolux company was that of selling their Electrolux vacuum cleaners to housewives, door-to-door. Aerus still eschews selling their vacuum cleaners through department stores, although there had been a brief, but unsuccessful attempt to do so in the past.

Now, Aerus sells their Electrolux vacuum cleaners, now known under the Lux brand, primarily through one of their 500 orzo franchisees. It is possible to buy the vacuum cleaners, bags and filters online, but the site does not make it easy to do. The typical buy buttons found on product pages are not found on there, and you will have to sign up to even put an item into your cart. The easiest way to find your way to their store is through the buy now link on their home page.

The good, the bad, the ugly... About Aerus and Electrolux vacuum cleaners

Far more stylish vacuum cleaners have been on the scene for a long time. It is difficult to know how well the other styles the Aerus Company sells perform. The classic machine apparently still works like a champion -- which means it could last for thirty years. But if you should need repair, you'll need to take it to a franchisee Electrolux dealer store. The site warns that there is no warranty for cleaners bought over the internet or on eBay, stating that such machines are either used, stolen or re-built.

If you are looking for parts for your old Electrolux, however, you will only find vacuum bags and filters. For repair, you may need to take them to one of the 500 or so franchise locations. Combine that with the downloadable manuals In fact they warn consumers that any Electrolux bought over the internet, on eBay -- claiming that these vacuum cleaners are either used, stolen or re-built and they will not honor the warranty. For do-it-yourselfers or people who would like to know, in detail, what they are buying, the product manuals are available for download on the site.

The Current, Reigning Electrolux vacuum cleaner

Since 2004, the Electrolux brand name has been owned by the Swedish company, AB Electrolux, commonly also referred to in publications as Electrolux Group. Among other things, they are the leading seller of vacuum cleaners worldwide. Prior to assuming the Electrolux brand name, they sold vacuum cleaners primarily under the brand name Eureka.They've taken no time in providing an up-to-date website, complete with flash presentations allowing you to view their Electrolux vacuum cleaners both front and back.

The current Electrolux vacuum cleaners include canisters, lightweights, uprights and yet-to-be sold automatics, also known as robotics. That robotic looks interesting -- when it comes out, it supposed to be able to know when it needs recharging and go back to its recharging station and recharge itself -- now, if it could only do that with the vacuum bag!

Electrolux Vacuum Cleaners Offer a Variety of Different Advantages

Within these, Electrolux vacuum cleaners can be found that use bags or are bagless (cyclonic), are rechargeable, have long and retractable cords, have HEPA filters and even come with low noise. For families with concern about asthma and allergies, the canister vacuum model Oxygen Ultra will be of interest, with its washable HEPA 13 filter. Combine the Ultra's near 100% of removal of dust and allergies with the self-closing bag, you never have to worry about that pesky stuff getting out to irritate sensitive lungs.

The Electrolux Pronto is a lightweight vacuum cleaner that transforms into a hand-vac with a handy crevice tool simple push of a button. The Pronto features cyclonic action and is rechargeable. With a rating of 3 1/2 out of 5 from 59 customer reviews on epinions, this could provide you with the lightweight you've been looking for. Reviewers do note that it's not the best on carpets or rugs, though.

New Design Electrolux Cleaners Are One of the Quietest

Among the canisters, the Electrolux Harmony, model EL6985, claims to virtually eliminate noise. Handy for those folks who may have members of the household who are day sleepers. No longer do you have to trade off vacuuming when it is bright with the danger of waking others up. Additionally, it has a self-parking wand that helps you save storage space.

Electrolux vacuum cleaners have such helpful features as electronic dust bag filters, to let you know when the bag is getting full, soft wheels to keep your furniture from getting banged up, telescoping wands to both save space and to reach further, uprights which fold up to conserve space and even headlights to help vacuum in dark corners.

Among the most unique of the Electrolux line is the upright vacuum they have named Intensify. Intensify brags that it has 50% more suction power than the leading upright vacuum. However, what truly catches the eye is the flash video. It should be seen to be believed. The flash video dramatically demonstrates the bi-fold handle that allows you to fit in your closet in less space than a laundry basket.

New Technology Designed with the New Super strong Upright Hybrid Vacuum

Rather than contain the bag in the upright portion, it contains it in the head, making it a hybrid of a canister and an upright. The downside is that the vacuum bag holds only 1, rather than the more common, 2 quart, bag. While the suction is super-strong, and there is an indicator to show how well the suction is sucking, remember that such suction comes at the likely loss of green power, meaning that it undoubtedly uses up more energy.

AB Electrolux has brought to market a variety of usable and unique machines with sometimes dramatic features. These Electrolux vacuum cleaners are available for purchase at a variety of stores, from Lowe's to Best Buy to Sears -- where you can check them out before you buy.

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