Miele vacuum cleaners-Superior vacuum technology with attractive style

Have you always wanted something efficient and inexpensive that takes care of all the cleaning needs at home? In the era of vacuum cleaners, Miele Vacuum Cleaners is just the answer! A company that was founded in Germany 1899 by Carl Miele and Reinhar Zinkann has come a long way in providing cleaning solutions for countless households day after day.

 Miele offers a quiet yet powerful vacuum with innovative design

It has always stayed true to its policy of Forever Better improving upon itself with the careful research so characteristic to German engineering. It has brought several innovations in the market of vacuum cleaners such as canister, Miele upright vacuum cleaners, and cylinder vacuum cleaners not to mention the filtration system of HEPA filters for allergy sufferers making it a popular brand.

Superior technology, extreme convenience of use and attractive, stylish looks are the hallmarks of Miele vacuum cleaners. You will be so excited about your new vacuum cleaner you will not be hesitant to show it off and tell people how much you love the style and how well it works for the multiple uses that you need in your home

Benefits That You Receive with Miele Vacuum Cleaners

1. Performance: A 1200 watt motor and a completely sealed system create a very powerful airflow, which enables Miele vacuum cleaners to pull the most stubborn of dust and debris from the floor. The suction can be regulated by a regulator and as such it can be reduced while being used on delicate floors and carpets.

2. Ease of use: A high quality tool kit provides miele vacuum cleaner parts that can be easily changed. It provides easy swivel in all directions. The newer models provide almost circular swivel providing absolute maneuverability. They also have an automatic cord length monitor which adjusts the length of the cord on a continuous, ongoing basis. It can be stored easily in a closet and it provides a unique non-allergic and hygienic way of removing vacuum cleaner bags when they are full. It closes itself automatically when the bag is removed.
3. Filtration efficiency: Miele vacuum cleaners are equipped with one of the three types of filtration systems.

  • If you do not own pets and have minimal allergic and odor problems, buy a model like the miele Capricorn which comes with a Super Air Clean Filter. Each such filter lasts for 5 vacuum cleaner bags.
  • If you have pets and are concerned with allergies and odors, go for a model with Active Air Clean Filter such as miele Pisces canister vacuum. The active charcoal pellets in this filter are capable of absorbing the unpleasant odors in the room.
  • If you have severe dust allergy, then the Active HEPA Filters are the ones to go for. They filter 99.97% of the particles of size as small as 0.3 microns. A unique design feature is that the HEPA filter is placed post motor. So it can capture the fine dust particles generated by the motor of the machine itself, thus greatly enhancing the efficiency of the machine. A completely sealed system ensures that no particles escape from the sides.

 4. Reliability: It has a two fan motor design, which reduces the load and wears on the bearings and motor brushes, greatly increasing the life of the motor. True to its German roots, Miele vacuum cleaners go through extensive testing before they are brought out in the market. There has been a 0% return for repair or defect during the warranty period.

The company provides a standard warranty of 1 year, which can be extended to five years. It has also been provided with a heat sensor, which comes on when there is a clog and does not allow the machine to overheat.

Miele vacuum cleaners have several other features such as:

  • Double layer vacuum cleaner bag
  • ABS plastic housing and bumper strips to protect the machine from external damages
  • Crush proof hoses
  • Stainless steel wands that are easy to use

Miele Vacuum Cleaners Are a Very Affordable Solution to Your Home Cleaning

 Several models are available with specific features to cater to your specific needs all you have to do is look at miele vacuum cleaners reviews and compare and rate the vacuum cleaners to find the right one for your home. Some of the latest models that have been introduced are the Miele Solaris, the Silver Moon and the Blue Moon. Also if you buy Miele vacuum cleaners from the right dealer, you stand to get attractive discounts on their products.

Miele vacuum cleaners continue to operate on the core principles of best superior performance, state-of-the-art design and remarkable attention to details. Rigorous quality control measures maintain performance under challenging circumstances. They deliver quality with style. They are manufactured with only one goal in mind – utmost customer satisfaction. They have stood the test of time and stayed at the top of customer’s selections.

Provide a Dust Free Home for Family and Pets

Over the years, they have emerged as a brand of their own serving a faithful clientele who desire quality machines for making their homes dust free. So, make your homes dust free and ensure the health of your family and pets. Go try out Miele vacuum cleaners and you will never want to use any other.

We want to help you find the Best Miele Vacuum Cleaner for your cleaning purposes, everyone has a different need such as an allergy vacuum cleaner to heavy industrial or commercial to light cleaning or portable handheld canister vacuum type models. Whatever you want and need we have the information and reviews with resources that can help you choose your vacuum cleaner. Please take the time to review our resources that we think will help you in your research.

Upright Vacuum Cleaners-Easy storage with powerful vacuum suction
I cannot express how much I love the Upright Vacuum Cleaner. Though I was a big fan of the more traditional canister vacuum cleaner for many years, the first time I tried the upright model I became instantly hooked by its ease of operation. The upright vacuum is the perfect choice for carpet and rug cleaning.

Vacuum Cleaner Dealer-The right vacuum cleaner and parts source
Finding the best vacuum cleaner dealer is not always as easy as you may think. It you want a quality vacuum that will last a long time, from a company like Miele, rainbow, Eureka, Kirby, Royal and Hoover that will offer you quality replacement parts and service then you should read reviews and comparisons to see if it fits your particular requirement.

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