Benefits that Help Homeowners Choose a Central Vacuum System

A central vacuum cleaner hose connected to the wall

When it comes time to buy a new vacuum, many homeowners choose central vacuum systems. There are plenty of benefits that goes with owning one of these systems, which is why they are becoming so popular. In this blog post, we’ll discuss some of the top benefits that help homeowners choose a … Read more

Is a Central Vacuum System Worth the Money?

Central Vacuum

A vacuum cleaner is an important tool for keeping your home clean. While most people invest in portable vacuum cleaners that must be taken from room to room, it is also possible to buy a central vacuum. These unique vacuums are installed with pipes through the walls. There are hose ports in … Read more

Why Would I Want a Central Vacuum System?

Vacuum cleaners are essential in keeping our homes clean. However, some portable vacuum cleaners can be noisy and inconvenient, as well as costly because there might be a need for you to purchase a new unit every few years. It also takes a lot of effort in moving portable vacuums around the … Read more

Introduction to the Major Central Vacuum System Manufacturers

When it comes to bringing an upgrade to your home, the common choices are bathroom and kitchen renovation, new flooring and new walls. But these are not the only changes you can make to improve the value of your house. An affordable improvement is getting a central vacuum system. A central vacuum … Read more

Guide to Picking a Central Vacuum System

Guide to Picking a Central Vacuum System

If being able to vacuum your house without dragging around a vacuum cleaner is your thing, consider installing a central vacuum system. A central vacuum system eliminates the need to move around a vacuum cleaner from room as you clean. It has a central power unit (which is mounted in the garage, … Read more

Guide to Installing Central Vacuum Cleaners in Existing Homes

A central vacuum cleaner also known as a whole-house vacuum, is installed as a semi-permanent fixture. It is designed to remove dirt and debris from homes through tubing which is installed inside the walls to a collection container which is usually located in a garage or basement. Central vacuum cleaners are usually … Read more