Ultimate Guide to Stick Vacuums

If you don’t have time and energy to lug out your heavier and bulkier vacuum cleaner and clean your house, but can’t leave it dirty either, you need to get your hands on a high-quality stick vacuum. These types of vacuums are compact and convenient to use. You can easily clean bare … Read more

Guide to Handheld Vacuums

Guide to Handheld Vacuums

There is a wide array of handheld vacuum that is available in the market and picking the one that is the best for you is definitely an unnerving thing to do. And what’s even worse is most of the renown brands fills their products with so many features that in the end … Read more

Best Handheld UV Sanitizing Vacuums

Vonhaus UV handheld vacuum cleaner

A good vacuum cleaner is essential to keep the house clean and hygienic, and integrating a vacuum cleaner with UV can play a great role in removing infectious microorganisms. According to a study by the researchers of Ohio State University, addition of ultraviolet light on the brushing/suction part of a vacuum cleaner … Read more

Top Hand-Held Vacuums

Top Hand Held Vacuums

The best vacuums are the ones that do their own basic cleaning jobs more than adequately. Here in this article we tackle about the top-rated hand held vacuums of late. These types of vacuums are convenient and do a handsome job of sucking in dusts and dirt quickly from many kinds of … Read more