The Benefits of Using a UV Vacuum Cleaner

Professional mattress cleaning process. Man cleans the bed of dirt and bacteria.

Are you looking for a new way to clean your home? If so, you might want to consider using a UV vacuum cleaner. These cleaners offer a number of benefits that other types of cleaners cannot match. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the benefits of using a UV vacuum cleaner and … Read more

Should you consider getting a UV sanitizing vacuum?

Should you consider getting a UV sanitizing vacuum

With the advancement of technology, more innovations are coming to our household appliances and devices, making our lives easier and safe. Vacuum cleaners are no exception to these developments. In the mid-2000s, ultraviolet light was integrated into these machines, further boosting an ordinary vacuum cleaner’s filtration and sanitization capability. It’s rapidly gaining … Read more

A Guide To Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

A typical vacuum cleaner

Industrial vacuum cleaners are heavy-duty machines that are designed to clean the industrial environment. As compared to simple household machines, the industrial machines are equipped with more features and can be of different types. Furthermore, industrial vacuum cleaners can be modified and built for specific purposes for hotels, restaurants, and airports, etc. … Read more

Introduction to Backpack Vacuums

Introduction to Backpack Vacuums

Are your muscles getting tired from pushing an upright vacuum or lugging around a canister vacuum? IF you want to replace that tiring-to-use vacuum of yours, backpack vacuums are there to spare you from that stress. In a nutshell, backpack vacuums are canister vacuums made for wearing at the back, as the … Read more

How to Choose a HEPA Vacuum Cleaner

Have you ever wondered your family members tend to sneeze a lot, even if you already cleaned the house? You sweep and mop and scrub and vacuum a lot, but still your family members with allergies and asthma doesn’t seem to (involuntarily) react that you did a great job. For households with … Read more

Top 10 HEPA Vacuum Cleaners

Top 10 HEPA Vacuum Cleaners

A great HEPA (high efficiency particle arrestance)vacuum can be a game-changer for any allergy or asthma sufferer. Whatever time and season of the year it is, your home is always filled with tons of dust and allergens if you don’t clean your house properly. If you are sensitive to dust and allergens, … Read more

Introduction to Motion Sensing Vacuums

Have you ever experienced trying to sweep thoroughly but only end up getting a little bit frustrated about that little line of debris that always refuses to be swept in a dustpan? The better thing that can keep your floor squeaky clean is a vacuum cleaner, which can suck up all that … Read more

Introduction to Shop, Garage and Work Vacuums

Introduction to Shop, Garage and Work Vacuums

Working in shops and garages can be extra messy, so you would need a heavy-duty vacuum to keep them clean. Commercial and garage vacuums are often called shop vacuums, which offer extra power when it comes to cleaning up messes that comes with sawing, drilling, sanding and other shop work. Debris that … Read more