Oreck’s Cordless Vacuum with Pod Technology Is Unique

The Oreck Cordless Stick Vacuum gives you efficient and upfront cleaning technology with no hassle of cleaning and vacuum maintenance. This is because it has no big vacuum machines, no long cords, and especially no messy bags and filters. It has a POD technology and a wall-mount charging station that covers all the inconveniences that come with a conventional vacuum. That’s why in this article, we are going to know more about this innovative vacuum cleaner.

What is the POD?

The POD is a small vacuum bag that is collapsed in between two pieces of plastic. This device starts out as flat, and it expands as it fills with dirt that the vacuum sucks from the floor. Oreck says that the POD can hold up to three times more than a cup-style dustbin on other cordless vacuums, and it also can last for more than a month. And when the POD is full, you will notice that the power dial on the vacuum will change from green to red. To release the POD, all you have to do is detach it under the vacuum handle. It opens and seals by itself. That’s why all you need to do is tip the container over your trash can to remove the whole thing. You won’t ever have to worry about any mess or clouds of dust. In fact, you don’t even need to touch the POD.

The Oreck Cordless Vacuum’s Other Features

  • AirPower ™ Floor Nozzle – The AirPower ™ technology of the Oreck’s Cordless Vacuum with POD makes it one of the most effective vacuums in the market. It has a powerful pick-up force that can clean even the most stubborn patches of dust on your floor. Plus, you won’t need to adjust the vacuum settings for different floor types. The Oreck’s Cordless Vacuum has an all-in-one brush that contains both soft and hard bristles that can clean any hardwood, tile, or carpet pile.
  • Wall Mount Charging Station – You won’t ever have to worry about storing this vacuum in a closet and digging it out of it a week later. This is because the Oreck’s Cordless Vacuum has a compact and convenient wall mount charging station feature. This is completely unobtrusive because the wall mount does not only charge your vacuum, you can also put it directly above a tool rack so that you can keep it together with your vacuum accessories. 
  • InVision™ Intelligence Alerts – The Oreck Cordless Vacuum has an innovative InVision™ technology that provides you intelligent alerts about your vacuum’s capacity. That’s why you don’t rely on your vacuum’s fullness based on its performance or how messy its filter looks. All you have to do is keep on cleaning with your vacuum until it tells you how soon you’ll need to replace a new POD refill.
  • Handheld Mode – With the Oreck Cordless Vacuum, you can switch effortlessly from floor to handheld vacuum as you clean different areas of your house. POD technology also gives you the mobility that can adapt to the cleaning needs that you need in your home or office. That’s why you won’t ever have to worry about having two separate vacuums.
Where to Buy
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Whether it’s for a full spring cleaning or you’re just looking for a more innovative and convenient vacuum cleaner to replace your old one. Then we suggest that you go for the Oreck Cordless Stick Vacuum with POD technology. This vacuum cleaner will give you a hassle-free and efficient cleaning that you can rely on when it comes to removing dirt.