The Efficient Vacuum Cleaners of OVO

a hybrid cyclonic heavy duty and powerful central vacuum by OVO

OVO is a brand that sells mainly central vacuum cleaners. The brand is owned by Nadair, a 35-year-old company that sells home improvement products such as ceiling fans, lighting, and vacuum cleaners in Canada. When Nadair’s product grew over the years, the brand OVO was founded to bring consumers with a simpler … Read more

Introduction to OVO Central Vacuums by Nadair

OVO is a new company that is focused on selling central vacuum cleaners. It is owned by Nadair which is a 35 year-old Canada-based wholesaler of home improvement products such as lightings, ceiling fans, and vacuum cleaners. The aim of Nadair for starting OVO is to be able to bring consumers more … Read more

Why Would I Want a Central Vacuum System?

Vacuum cleaners are essential in keeping our homes clean. However, some portable vacuum cleaners can be noisy and inconvenient, as well as costly because there might be a need for you to purchase a new unit every few years. It also takes a lot of effort in moving portable vacuums around the … Read more