The Best Vacuum for the Elderly

man vacuuming carpet

No matter what age, it is very important to maintain hygiene at home and live in a healthy environment. You can mop and sweep the floor regularly to keep it clean and shiny. To ensure that there’ll be no dust and dirt left, it is also essential to vacuum the floors, carpets, … Read more

Are Wall-mounted Vacuums Worth the Price?

a black vacuum cleaner mounted on the wall

There are many different types of vacuum cleaners you will find in the market today. They come in different shapes and sizes, and they also offer various functions that are very helpful when it comes to keeping your home clean. A vacuum cleaner is an essential tool to have at home, especially … Read more

Guide to Dirt Devil Vacuums

a person carrying a Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner

It is sometimes challenging to find the best tools to use to clean your house thoroughly. This is true, especially if you are searching for great tools that are affordable. One example is a vacuum cleaner. It is one of the best tools that you can use to clean your house and … Read more

Guide to Eureka Vacuums

woman carrying a Eureka upright vacuum cleaner

One of the most popular and finest vacuum cleaners available in the market these days is the Eureka brand. It is a vacuum cleaner brand that was established in 1909 by Fred Wardell in Detroit. It has been creating quality vacuums for over 100 years now. One of the most notable moments … Read more

Surprising and Useful Uses for Vacuum Cleaners

A woman using a vacuum cleaner on the floor

A vacuum cleaner is an essential home appliance for obvious reasons. While most appliances were designed with a single purpose in mind – like washing machines for washing clothes and sheets, refrigerators for keeping food cold, and dishwashers for washing dishes – vacuum cleaners are actually more versatile. You can use it … Read more

Ultimate Guide to Canister Vacuums

If your home needs a lot of cleaning and has a mix of carpeting, bare floors, and stairs, then getting a canister vacuum is the best option for you. This type of vacuum is known for its versatility and flexibility. Attach a bare floor brush to it, and it will work wonders … Read more

Be Sure to Get the Right Vacuum for Your Needs

There are so many vacuum cleaners being offered in the market today. They come in different types, and they offer various functionalities as well. Having lots of options is great. However, it can also be confusing to decide which vacuum cleaner will best fit your needs. It’s because there are vacuum cleaners … Read more

Introduction to Zenith Technologies Vacuums

a white and black Soniclean upright vacuum cleaner by Zenith Technologies

Zenith Technologies, LLC is a world leader when it comes to delivering complete Manufacturing Life Cycle Solutions to the life sciences industry. Aside from that, Zenith Technologies is also the manufacturer of Soniclean vacuum cleaners. History of Zenith Technologies Zenith Technologies was founded in Cork, Ireland in 1998 by Brendan O’Regan. He … Read more

The Efficient Vacuum Cleaners of OVO

a hybrid cyclonic heavy duty and powerful central vacuum by OVO

OVO is a brand that sells mainly central vacuum cleaners. The brand is owned by Nadair, a 35-year-old company that sells home improvement products such as ceiling fans, lighting, and vacuum cleaners in Canada. When Nadair’s product grew over the years, the brand OVO was founded to bring consumers with a simpler … Read more

Why Would I Want a Central Vacuum System?

Vacuum cleaners are essential in keeping our homes clean. However, some portable vacuum cleaners can be noisy and inconvenient, as well as costly because there might be a need for you to purchase a new unit every few years. It also takes a lot of effort in moving portable vacuums around the … Read more