10 Unique and Quick Game Art Tips

Nowadays, gaming is a big part of almost everyone’s life and it also proves to be a good work source for designers. Plush fluffy has come up with 10 quick and unique game art tips that can help you in your gaming endeavors.

1. How Should You Warm Up?

If you are such a game developer who is a one-man team, then it is significant that you should always concentrate on your style while game developing. Every developer has a unique game art style. When you add your personal touches to the game art, it can make your game edgier than all of the others.

2. Know Your Aesthetic

Know Your Aesthetic


While creating video game art, defining your overall aesthetic should be your biggest priority. Ask yourself if your game graphics are 3D or 2D? Will you utilize a high or a low-poly technique? What emotions and feelings will be evoked by your visual style in the game players and how it will affect your gameplay?

3. Drive Inspiration From Everywhere

Drive Inspiration From Everywhere

In a design process, the research phase is crucial. Don’t just observe video games, but look for other material cultures and art forms throughout history. Find your visual aesthetic through a research-based method.

4. Know About The Best Tools For Your Job

Know About The Best Tools For Your Job

If you are a game developer, then know that your job can not be done from one single tool. Your design tool belt should always be loaded with different tools effective for your designing process. Following is a list of some kickass tools that can help you while drawing game art.

  • Photoshop: Photoshop is used a lot for drawing from hands. It is also very useful for creating various text elements.
  • Flash: When you use Flash, your drawing experience will feel like as you are moulding clay.
  • Cartoon Smart: For a non-artist, the course of Cartoon Smart will come in handy.
  • Illustrator: Illustrator is used by many people because its program is vector-based.

5. Find Reference Material

Find Reference Material

Only beginners don’t need reference material for improving their work, instead even seasoned artists need it for different game art ideas. Utilizing references, whether illustrated or real, gives a boost to your creative thinking. It can be productive and entertaining both to look for reference material on the Google Images.

6. Keep Your Limits In Mind

Keep Your Limits In Mind

So, there is an amazing game idea in your mind and you know it holds great potential. But, what you are visualizing in your mind might not correspond with your style of drawing. Plushfluffy has a great idea that won’t let you leave your dreams unfulfilled. To save yourself from visual chaos, take the help of many useful talented game artists available online to get help where your abilities lack.

7. Learn Concept Art

Concept Art

According to Plushfluffy, you must observe your favorite video games to learn about concept art. Acknowledge yourself with how much time does it take for visual designs to be translated into game subjects. Draw them yourself or you can work with some artist for producing sketches of environments, enemies, and characters that will appear in the game eventually.

8. Look For Similar Minded People

Look For Similar Minded People

While collaborating with artists, look for those people who cannot only comprehend your design vision but also help you where needed. If there is a specific style in your mind then find an expert of that style to collaborate with. Otherwise, search for a generalist to gain help in developing and ideating the visual game styles as it proceeds through different design stages.

9. Focus on the look

Focus on the look

Use shallow field depths and bold choices of color to highpoint game nouns. Focus on how specific animation choices affect the game verb’s feel. We at Plushfluffy highly ask you to never underestimate the level to which your players’ psychology and behaviors can be influenced by the visual choices. Your game look should direct specific player behaviors kinds while casting down others.

10. Stay Calm

Stay Calm

Remember to relax and enjoy the whole procedure. Even if your art is nowhere near “perfect” done beat yourself up. Take a break when it gets so overwhelming and fool around doodling as much as you want. Plush fluffy also advises you to understand that you might draw a lot of designs for your game but it is not essential to use all of them. Do whatever comes naturally and makes sense in the end.