7 Benefits of Lemon Water: Vitamin C, Weight Loss, Skin, and More

Nowadays, people frequently consume lemon water, and it is available in different ranges. Moreover, you can quickly get any lemon drink at any restaurant because it has become a must-have drink that serves routinely to customers.

Sufficient pieces of evidence are available to support the intake of lemon water. Moreover, the health benefits of lemon water are anecdotal. Though lemons are delicious but do, it is a healthy decision to consume lemon added to the water.

Does lemon water keep you healthy?  Just relax because Transformdiet has brought evidence-based benefits for consuming lemon water.

List of Benefits of Lemon Water

  1. Provides vitamin C
  2. Weight lose
  3. Skin
  4. Hydration
  5. Boost digestion
  6. Prevents the formation of stones in the kidney
  7. Freshens your breath

Lemon Water Provides Vitamin C

There are many ways lemon water benefits your body and health. However, vitamin C is the topmost benefit it provides to your body. Lemon is the efficient source for acquiring vitamin C. Lemons belong to citrus fruits, and these fruits contain a high proportion of vitamin C.

Moreover, vitamin C helps in cell protection because it is a primary antioxidant. It prevents free radicals of cells from any damage. Similarly, vitamin C that you get from the lemon helps to prevent the common cold.

Furthermore, it also helps in minimizing the chances of lower BP, stroke, and cardiovascular disease. Lemons are not ranked on top of citrus fruits list for bearing the highest proportion of vitamin C. However, still, lemons are a good source of vitamin C.

Scientific Evidence

According to the USDA research (United States Department of Agriculture Trusted Source), juice made with one lemon gives you 18.6ml of vitamin C. moreover, they have recommended consuming 65-90 ml of vitamin C daily (for adults).

Weight Loss

Lemon water helps in weight loss.

Scientific Evidence

According to researches, lemon contains polyphenol antioxidants, which work meaningfully to reduce a person’s body weight. Various mice studies have been done where mice were overfed to check the effect of these polyphenol antioxidants.

Moreover, it was found that these antioxidant compounds balance the negative impact on the level of blood glucose. Further, it also enhances resistance to insulin. However, these two things are the key contributor to developing diabetes (type 2).

While in the case of human, same outcomes have obtained, that has proven the benefits of lemon water for reducing body weight. The anecdotal is the strongest evidence for supporting the weight loss benefit that lemon water serves.

Improved Skin

Consumption of lemon water results in improved skin. It enhances the quality of your skin. Lemons contain vitamin C that helps significantly in reducing skin damages due to sun exposure, skin wrinkling, and drying of the skin due to ageing.

Scientific Evidence

Laboratory studies in 2016 have shown that a drink based on citrus averts the progress of wrinkles. However, the experiment was done on hairless mice.


Lemon water keeps you hydrated. By consuming lemon water, you can promote hydration, especially during summer days.

Scientific Evidence

The board of Food and Nutrition has released general guidelines that suggest the consumption of lemon water. According to the guidelines, men should take 125 ounces minimum of water daily, whereas, for women, they have suggested 91 ounces/day. However, it also includes the water you get from other drinks and foods.

Furthermore, if you don’t like the taste of water and manly suffer from dehydration, adding lemon into your water can help you a lot. It will not only give flavour to your water, but its taste also encourages you to drink more. Therefore, it will help in hydrating you even in hot summers.

Boosts Digestion

Now boost your digestion with lemon water. Lemon water works as a laxative that helps in fast digestion and prevents constipation. If you take lemon water as a morning drink daily, it will help you to end constipation by clearing your bowel.

It works amazing when made with hot or warm water, and take it before consuming anything else. Thereby, it will speed up your digestive system.

Scientific Evidence

According to Ayurvedic medicine, as lemon is sour in taste, it helps to trigger your Agni (an Ayurvedic medicine’s term). Moreover, the strongest the Agni, the fastest the digestive system of a person. Furthermore, it will not allow your food to digest easily but also averts the accumulation of toxins in your body.

Prevents Formation of Stones in Kidney

You can also prevent the formation of stones in your kidney by drinking lemon water. Lemons contain citric acid that helps in preventing kidney stones. Similarly, citrate is an important constituent of citric acid that makes your urine to become less acidic. Moreover, this citrate helps in breaking kidney stones into small pieces.

Furthermore, lemon water does not only work as a source of citrate, but it also provides water that you need to flush the kidney stones out.

Freshens your Breath

Lemon water freshens your breath. If you eat garlic, fish, or union, take lemon water right after eating them to get rid of bad odour. Similarly, it removes strong or bad odour from your hands if you rub lemon on your palms.

Lemon water stimulates your saliva, and the water content wet your mouth that removes the dryness in your mouth. A dry mouth results in a bad breath because when your mouth is dry, bacteria may grow in it. So, it is good to take lemon water first in the morning before eating or talking with anything.

Now, get rid of bad breath by trying this lemon water tip by Transformdiet and smile with confidence.