How to Clean Up Glitter After Crafting

Doing creative projects with your kids or with the whole family is one of the best bonding activities at home. However, after finishing the art projects, parents need to deal with cleaning up the mess. It’s easy if you’ll only be tidying up papers, crayons, and other art materials. But there are some that are difficult to clean, and one of those is glitter spills. If you use glitters in your projects, it’s likely that some of them will end up on the floor, on the carpet, on your hair and skin, or on the pieces of furniture in your house.  Here are some good options at the revell paints store.

Glitters certainly add some much-needed and appreciated glitz to art projects. The only problem is that it is bound to end up all over everything else in your hose. You’ll notice that a single glitter is clingy. That’s why conventional cleaning methods can’t usually make a space glitter-free. But this does not mean that glitter is your enemyand that you shouldn’t use them again. There are still ways you can do it clean up glitters effectively.

If you’ve been trying out different things to clean, but the glitters are still on your floor or pieces of furniture, you’re in the right place. Today, we are giving you tips on how to clean up glitter after crafting.


Use a Vacuum Cleaner

If you own a vacuum cleaner, preferably a handheld one, but any vacuum cleaner will do, you can use it to clean the glitters all over your house. If there are large quantities of glitters to clean, you can use a wet paper towel first. Use it like a broom and sweep all the sparkly glitters into one place. After gathering them, you can take a vacuum extension and suck up the whole pile of glitters. It is a simple and quick trick that will take care of the majority of your glittery mess after crafting. The best vacuum attachment that you can use for this is the crevice tool. Especially if there are glitters stuck in hard-to-reach spots in your house.

Try the Balloon Trick

Using a balloon to clean glitter spills is one of the hacks you can try. All you need is a piece of a balloon. Blow it up and then rub it against the carpet to create some static electricity. After that, hover it over the glitter spills and see them stick to the balloon automatically. The balloon will attract the glitters like a magnet, helping you clean them easily.

Use Some Play Dough

Another trick you can try is by using some play-dough. If the glitter spills are on a hard surface, like on hard floors or on tables and chairs, this is a great trick. All you need is a ball of play dough. Roll it around the surface to pick up the tiny specks of glitters. The glitters will surely stick to the play dough. And the best part, your kids will be happy to have their very own glitter play-dough.

Use a Lint Roller

If the above tricks still left some smaller specks of glitters on the floor or furniture, then the next solution can be found inside your linen closet, which is the lint roller. You can take a standard lint roller and glide it over the stubborn glitters. This will be effective in picking up any remaining particles, leaving your crafting corner spotlessly clean.

Use Some Duct Tape

If you do not have any lint rollers at home and there are still some stubborn glitter spills on the floor and pieces of furniture, you can also use some duct tape. In fact, it is stickier compared to a lint roller. However, for that reason, you cannot use it on delicate surfaces. Use it like a lint roller by wrapping it around a stick or around your hand. Then start sticking it onto the glittery surface to remove the spills.

Try Using Swiffer Cloths

Another option is to use some Swiffer cloths. They are super absorbent pads that are magical when it comes to dry sweeping glitters and other tiny particles on the floor. These cloths can trap and lock dirt, dust, hair, and smaller particles better than brooms and other cleaning cloths.

Additional Tips and Advice

If ever your kids spilled glitters inside their bags, you can also vacuum the glitters out or shake the bag out wash it. But make sure that the bag is washable before doing so.

If ever you notice that there are glitters on your skin, you can use some coconut oil on a cotton ball to remove them. If there are glitters on your hair, you can wash them with shampoo. If that doesn’t work, you can spritz some hair spray on a paper towel and dab it on the affected areas.

One of the best ways to prevent a glitter spill is by storing them inside a spice shaker or specialized glitter containers. When doing art projects that involve using glitters, you can place a pie pan or cookie sheet underneath the projects. This will help you contain any glitter spills and prevent them from getting everywhere in your house. You can also place the project that needs to be sprinkled with glitters in a box with edges that are around four inches high. This way, the glitters would only be spilled inside the box and not on the floor and pieces of furniture.

These are some of the best tips and tricks we can share on how to clean up glitter after crafting. We hope these will help you in tidying up everything after enjoying some glittery arts and crafts with your kids and family.