What is off-gassing on a floor?


Having a new carpet or vinyl flooring is exciting, given that you’re able to provide your home a new look and reap all benefits either type of flooring offers. Carpet adds warmth underfoot, dampens noise, and cushions slips and falls. On the other hand, vinyl is durable, water-resistant, and easier to maintain. … Read more

What materials is carpet made out of?


The primary draw of carpet as a flooring material is its cushioned surface, which provides warmth and comfort, and the variety of styles, colors, patterns that entices your eye. What brings that difference is the face fiber or the material the carpet is made of. Carpet can be made of natural fibers, … Read more

What is cork flooring?


Cork is commonly known as a stopper for bottles to seal and preserve the quality of the wine. Alternatively, it’s also used as fishing floats, musical instruments, balls, and bulletin boards. Yet, not many are aware that it’s highly versatile and functions as floor tiles, too. Surprisingly, cork isn’t a new concept, … Read more

What is bamboo flooring?


Bamboo flooring has been rising in popularity and becoming a durable, sustainable, and eco-friendly alternative to hardwood. While it’s very tree-like in appearance, bamboo is a grass native to China and one of the fastest-growing plants on the planet, making them easily renewable. It’s cut down into strands and strips, dried, and … Read more

Should you vacuum tile?

vacuum tile

Tile floors are a popular choice nowadays, thanks to the glossy, elegant look that it brings to our homes. They are also durable, low maintenance, and easily customizable, making them an excellent option among many other floor types. Yet, like with any floor surface, proper cleaning with the right tool is a … Read more

Should you consider getting a UV sanitizing vacuum?

Should you consider getting a UV sanitizing vacuum

With the advancement of technology, more innovations are coming to our household appliances and devices, making our lives easier and safe. Vacuum cleaners are no exception to these developments. In the mid-2000s, ultraviolet light was integrated into these machines, further boosting an ordinary vacuum cleaner’s filtration and sanitization capability. It’s rapidly gaining … Read more

Common stains in your carpet and how to get rid of them

Common stains in your carpet and how to get rid of them

Most carpets are simply ripe for attracting stains and messes. So, in this article I’m providing a few hints and tips to help you stay on top and get you ready for removing stains and messes from your carpet with ease. The first question though: Do you need a full carpet renovation? … Read more

A Guide to Carpet Maintenance

vacuum, blue carpet

Proper and consistent carpet maintenance is essential to extending the carpet’s life and maintaining optimum appearance and performance level, in addition to a healthy indoor environment. Your carpet is also an added responsibility; as such, you must ensure it receives proper care and maintenance, so it continues adding value and beauty to … Read more

Tips to Remove Anything From a Carpet

fur carpet

If you have a carpet at home that’s almost always in use, chances are, you may have already dropped or spilled stuff that stains and create a few messes. The instructions on removing these stains and clutter don’t really come with the carpet you bought, so it’s no surprise if you don’t … Read more

Tips to Get Rid of Fleas in Your Carpet

a dog lounging, carpet

Having to deal with a case of a flea infestation is not an easy job. Your pet may be the one to bring the fleas inside your home, but you still are the one that needs to deal with it before it’s too hard to manage on your own. Usually, fleas would … Read more

How Often Should You Change Your Vacuum Bag?

How Often Should You Change Your Vacuum Bag?

Vacuum is the basic need of every home and office. It is basically the most reliable appliance for cleaning. Many people use vacuum once or twice in a week or according to the need, but they have no idea how often should they change the vacuum bag. Some of the experienced users … Read more

What is Composite Decking?

What is Composite Decking

Many people today are investing heavily in creating a beautiful porch or backyard. This is done by adding decorations, furnishings, plants, and more to be able to create the ultimate extension of your living space. In addition to those, adding decks is one of the most popular ways to improve the look … Read more

How to prepare for upholstery cleaning?

How to prepare for upholstery cleaning?

Upholstery is one of the most important things in making furniture comfortable, and it’s an important way for furniture to stand out aside from stylization in the frame and would work. People have been upholstery furniture for thousands of years, and I would be willing to bet that no one knows exactly … Read more

How to properly maintain your vacuum cleaner?

A typical vacuum cleaner

Vacuum cleaners are designed for rigorous work and typically require low maintenance. These machines are powerful and help maintain the house by allowing the user to clean the surface underneath furniture, staircases, and many other areas that are otherwise relatively difficult to clean. However, as with everything, vacuum cleaners require a bit … Read more

A Guide To Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

A typical vacuum cleaner

Industrial vacuum cleaners are heavy-duty machines that are designed to clean the industrial environment. As compared to simple household machines, the industrial machines are equipped with more features and can be of different types. Furthermore, industrial vacuum cleaners can be modified and built for specific purposes for hotels, restaurants, and airports, etc. … Read more